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Join DNS in a dusky exploration of natural history, nocturnal animals, local landforms, winter adaptations, and facinating moon facts and legends. This is a special full moon hike because the blue moon takes place when there are two full moons during a single month.

Date: Saturday, August 29
Time: 7:30-9:30
Place: Falls Creek
Price: FREE for members, $10 for non-members,
Lead Naturalist: Josh Hodorff, 970-749-1140
Register: call 769-1800, or email sally@durangonaturestudies.org

From Durango, go north on Highway 550 (Camino del Rio to Main Street) to 25th Street. Turn west at the light. Follow 25th as it curves to the right and leaves the city limits, becoming Junction Street and then County Road 204. Turn right at the junction of Road 204 and 205. Proceed on County Road 205. The parking area is about 5-6 miles up on the right just before the entrance to Falls Creek Ranch.

Trail Info:
The trail heads through the forest and through the ridge separating the trailhead from the Animas Valley. We'll have good viewing from high above Highway 550 as the moon comes up over Missionary Ridge.

What to Bring and Additional Info:
. Please bring water, snacks, hiking shoes, layers of clothes, walking poles (if you want)
. Optional is a
flashlight (which hopefully we won't need).
. Dress warmly. Temperatures will drop as the night progresses.
. If we cancel due to weather, we will try to let everyone know by noon that day.
. Please bring a check or exact cash - $10 if you are a non-member.
. Should you need to cancel, please let us know, as we usually have a waiting list.

Additional Info:
About ten months out of the year, Durango Nature Studies takes groups of 10-15 people on two-hour full moon hikes at various locations throughout the area. A trained naturalist leads these hikes and participants learn about the local flora and fauna, current happenings in the natural world, nighttime senses and astronomy events.

Full moon hikes are not an exercise in fitness. Instead, they a chance to slow down and notice the cooling, quieting world around us. Hikes are geared to the slowest member of the group, and are generally led with no specific destination in mind, other than a good place to view the rising moon. They are recommended to those of moderate fitness level or above. Families are welcome, but please remember that this may not be the best hike for children younger than age 9 (though only a parent knows how far their child can hike without becoming bored or exhausted).

Please note
No dogs allowed.

For more information, or call us at 970-769-1800

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