Join Durango Nature Studies for our annual fall fundraiser.

Place: Smiley Building
Date: Friday, November 1st
Time: Doors at 5:30, Films at 7:00
Cost: Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door, $7 students (under 12 free!!)

Food and drinks from Zia, Serious Delights, Steamworks, 6th Street Liquor will be available for purchase.

Purchase advance tickets at Maria's Bookshop, Zia Taqueria, 4 Corners River Sports, and Pine Needle Mountaineering.

Buy tickets online with a credit card. (Credit card Purchases Closed. Tickets available at the door)

Thanks to our Sponsors!!
At 5:30 we will be serving beer from Steamworks Brewing, wine from 6th Street Liquor, burritos from Zia Taqueria, and desserts from Serious Delights. Plus we will have a silent auction brought to you by our sponsors. Food and drinks will be served through the entire event.

Mountainfilm is one of the premier outdoor film festivals in the country. To see more about it, or check out clips from the films to be shown, visit www.mountainfilm.org.

List of films: (Subject to change and Will Not be Shown in this Order)

Gregg Treninish (10 mins).
What does it really take to combine passion for adventure and a responsibility to protect the environment? In this “MoveShake” film, a character-driven series, we meet Gregg Treinish, a National Geographic Adventurer who launched the nonprofit Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation (ASC) in 2011. Based on the idea that those who recreate in natural areas have a responsibility to protect them, ASC facilitates partnerships between adventure athletes and researchers.

Split of a Second(9 mins)

Prepare for a mix of goose bumps and nausea as finely calculated risk meets pure insanity. Split of a Second gets inside the thoughts and motives of wingsuit world champion Espen Fadnes.

Strong (8 mins)
On April 6, 2011, Roger Strong was skinning to one of his favorite backcountry runs on Washington’s Snoqualmie Pass with some friends when he triggered a violent avalanche. The slide tore through the couloir, leaving Strong and the other skiers badly injured. A year to the day after the tragedy, Strong — who spent three months in a wheelchair recovering — returns to ski the Slot Couloir and contemplate the fine balance between risk and passion. The film follows him as he reflects on his family, his love of the mountains and what he can learn from his mistakes.

Alison Gannett, A Move Shake Story (10 mins)
Alison Gannett is a renowned professional skier who understands the connection between the environment and outdoor pursuits. Heading up three nonprofits, including Save Our Snow, she also runs a 75-acre farm in Paonia, Colorado, She is unnerved, however, because the land she nurtures is threatened by natural gas interests.

Georgena Terry (6 mins)
The parting shot of this short documentary makes the surprised viewer want to go back and watch from the beginning more carefully. The appealing Georgena Terry, who fabricates bicycles scientifically designed for a woman’s shape and size, proves that bikes, at the least, are personally liberating machines.

Lacon De Caralonia (5 mins)
If your backyard mountain bike jumps require a five-story drop-in ramp for speed, chances are your name is Andreu Lacondeguy. The Antimedia film crew takes us to Lacondeguy’s training compound in the suburbs of Barcelona, Spain, for a day in the life of one of the best riders in the world.

Return to Tepuis (9 mins)
“Science is important,” says Bruce Means, whose investigative work into a species of tiny toads in remotest Guyana, South America, is featured in this engaging short. Science is also, by the look of it, exotic, exciting and not without a hint of danger. His work is about understanding biodiversity in order to help conserve it and to do so, he has to reach the toad’s habitat. In his second foray to the ancient and lost world of the Tepuis, he is joined by National Geographic photographer Joe Riis and professional climber Mark Synnott.

The Gimp Monkeys (8 mins).
After four nights and five days, Craig DeMartino, Jarem Frye and Pete Davis scrambled to the top of the 1,800-foot Zodiac Wall on Yosemite’s El Capitan on June 9, 2012. It’s a route that’s been climbed countless times, but not like this: the first all-disabled ascent. DeMartino (who lost a leg in a climbing accident), Frye (who lost a leg to bone cancer) and Davis (who was born without an arm) didn’t accomplish the feat to raise awareness or champion their cause. They did it because they are climbers first and disabled second.

Wolf Mountain (7 mins)
The wolves featured in this short live in a shelter and have never known life in the wild. But you would never know that by looking into their eyes or listening to their howls, which express a connection to a deep, abiding and mysterious place that has no link with captivity.

Der Scwarze Spur (The Black Line) (4 mins)
One spring day, the guys from Ebis Films ventured into the mountains of Japan for a shoot and couldn’t help but notice the surreal, silvery quality of the snow, which had been glossed over with a fine-film crust. It reminded them so much of a photo featured in Kuroi Spur (The Black Line), the 1965 book by pioneering skiing cinematographer Keizo Miura, that they made this three-minute vignette as a tribute. In it, snowflakes waft like fine metal shavings, snow dust floats over the crust like a specter and ski tracks look like graphite lines on a chrome-finished slope.

The Burn (6 mins)
Every summer, forest fires burn wildly across the mountains. As destructive as they are, they have a purpose and beauty that often goes unappreciated: When winter arrives in these charred forests, so do skiers.

Trip (Colored Snow) (3 mins)
Twisting the perspective of skiing powder with dazzling colors, this film harks back to the days of Roger Brown and The Mobius Flip.

Flutter (9 mins)
John Bedford is a 75-year-old man obsessed with the butterflies. Traveling around the globe — from the jungles of Vietnam to Mayan ruins in Guatemala — to watch and collect the beautiful insects, Bedford’s passion for the extraordinary takes the form of visual poetry in this short documentary. Collecting since childhood, Bedford brings his cherished specimens home to Toronto and carefully preserves them, hoping to make them last forever.

Cascada (8 mins)
When a crew of filmmakers and kayakers head to the Mexican jungle to hunt big waterfalls, they find a place of unrelenting rain, heinous insects, thick mud, scary viruses and utter perfection. Cascada, another gorgeous short film by Forge Motion Pictures, follows the crew as they explore a world beyond expectations, where biting flies, tangled vines and shoddy hotel rooms can’t detract from the unrivaled waterfalls and powerful rapids they discover.

A New Perspective (10 mins)
David Lama is best known as the young competition climber who conquered an 8b+ at the age of 12 and went on to become a junior world championship and twice winner of the European Youth Cup. But these days, Lama is focused on the toothy peaks in the world’s tallest mountain ranges. A New Perspective follows the soft-spoken climber and his partner, Peter Ortner, as they tackle these heights. After free climbing the Cerro Torre in Patagonia, the pair travels to Pakistan to attempt to free climb Eternal Flame, a pitch up the Nameless Tower in the lofty Karakorum Range.

Last of the Great Unknown (22 mins)

The Grand Canyon, a barren labyrinth of light and shadows, was one of the last places in the American West to be surveyed. John Wesley Powell, before he made the first descent via the Colorado River in 1869, called it “The Great Unknown." Much of it still is today, and river runners, backpackers, lithic hunters and butte baggers seek prestigious “firsts” in the Grand Canyon’s innumerable technical slots.


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