Join Durango Nature Studies for our 7th annual fall fundraiser.

Place: Durango Arts Center
Date: Saturday, November 19

Mountain Film On Tour Early Showing
Time: Doors at 4:30, Films at 5:00
Cost: Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door, $10 students/kids
See Film List Below

Mountain Film On Tour Late Showing
Time: Doors at 8:00, Films at 8:30
Cost: Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door, $10 students/kids
See Film List Below

Kids Mountain Film on Tour Matinee
Time: Doors at 2:30, Films at 3:00
Cost: Kids $8 advance/$10 door
Adults $10 advance/$13 door
See The Film Line-Up Here

Food and drinks from Fired Up Pizza, Hot Tomatoes, Zia Taqueria, and Zuberfizz available for purchase.

Silent Auction for Ski Passes and sports gear!!!
Purchase advance tickets at Maria's Bookshop and Pine Needle Mountaineering.

Mountainfilm is one of the premier outdoor film festivals in the country. To see more about it, or check out clips from the films to be shown, visit www.mountainfilm.org/tour/films.

List of Films

The Mysteries - 8 min
The vision came to Krystle Wright in a dream: a bird’s-eye view of BASE jumpers in flight over a stark desert landscape. When she awoke, the adventure photographer resolved to make that vision into reality. And with that, the dream turned into an obsession — one that led her on a four-and-a-half-year journey of failed attempts, uncooperative weather, disappointments and inward examination. The Mysteries follows a tenacious, and perhaps crazy, quest to chase down an elusive image and provides a glimpse into the kind of singular passion that drives people to reach their goals, regardless of what stands in the way. 

Engler - 7 min
As a shy kid, Mark Engler’s escape was the outdoors. Hunting and fishing every day was his dream and, over the years, he became an expert fly fisherman and guide. Although the fly-fishing master has spent almost five decades fishing the Rio Grande Valley, the splashing struggle of a sharp-toothed northern pike on Engler’s line still gives him the shakes. But as Engler’s young roommate and mentee Les Vance learns, Engler’s outdoor lifestyle comes at a price: The fishing obsession has cost him three wives. Then again, as Vance says, turning out like the legendary Engler wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. 

Darklight - 8 min
The team that brought us Afterglow returns with another surreal cinematic painting of light, motion and landscape. Only this time, they swap skis for bicycles and snow for Ewok forests and desert rocks.

Wasfia - 11 min
Wasfia Nazreen doesn't just climb for the thrill; she climbs for a cause. The first Bangladeshi to scale the Seven Summits, Wasfia has made it her purpose to brave these climbs for the sake of something larger - for the women of Bangladesh. Lyrical and poetic, this short documentary is a reflective character portrait that takes us from the depths of Wasfia's struggles to the highest peaks on the planet, as we explore what it means to pursue the unknown.

Operation Moffat - 20 min
Long before “dirtbag climber” was an archetype, Gwen Moffat exemplified it. As a young woman in the 1940s, the pioneering British climber pieced together work, camped in barns, hitchhiked from crag to crag, bathed in icy lakes, went days without food, deserted the Army and rearranged her life to maximize time spent scaling rock. She went on to become Britain’s first female mountain guide, as well as a mother, writer and force to be reckoned with. With a rope around her waist and bare feet, she eschewed the path society told her to take in favor of an enduring and adventurous love affair with the mountains.

Edges - 9 min
She survived being thrown through her windshield in a car crash at the age of 80 and then a major stroke at the age of 85. And still, at the age of 90 years young, Yvonne Dowlen continues to ice skate almost every day. Dowlen insists it’s easier to skate than walk at her age. Her elegance on ice reflects the decades she spent traveling the world as a performer in the Ice Capades and sharing her love of dancing on ice as a teacher. Indeed, skating has helped her recover and rehabilitate from the most challenging times in her life. She spends every day pursuing what makes her happy — and that is the true wisdom in her story.

Mile 19 - 10 min
Since the inception of the Los Angeles marathon in 1986, 178 runners have completed every race. They’re called “Legacy Runners.” Johnnie Jameson is a member of this special group, but he’s not an elite runner: He’s a working man, a postal employee. But what he lacks in speed, he makes up in creativity. He ran his first marathon backward, finishing in last place. He dribbled a basketball the next year. Each race, wearing his signature Payless shoes, he stops and talks and takes his sweet time.

Adventure Dispatch: Steve Fassbinder - 6 min
He’s no Instagram star or sponsored athlete, but longtime Durango resident Steve Fassbinder — aka Doom — is a true explorer. Using fat bikes, climbing gear and inflatable packrafts to access and link up remote destinations, Fassbinder sets out deep into the desert country of the Four Corners, experiencing places few of us will ever see and pioneering a new way of travel. This short film follows Fassbinder and a friend on an adventure that combines tower climbing, narrows biking, canyon camping and rafting with the emptiness of landscapes that are too far off the beaten path for most people.

Showdown at Horseshoe Hell - 20 min
Horseshoe Canyon Ranch is a sleepy patch of rural Arkansas where nothing much happens. Except for once a year, when hundreds of climbers descend on the place for 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell, a climbing competition that’s a bizarre mix of Burning Man and Climbing magazine. When elite climber Alex Honnold shows up, he brings his A game. But he might not be prepared for two things: the level of rowdiness and a pair of underdog climbers. 

One of Those Days 3 - 5 min
A manhunt is underway in the Alps to arrest French skier Candide Thovex. His crime? Where do we start? Dude skis over a helicopter, into camera vans, hits trees, interrupts races and busts through barns. In One of those Days 3, he takes his POV delinquency to new limits. 

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